Billie Higgins November 9, 2022

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Lauren Hammond October 11, 2022


Cynthia M. October 5, 2022

Lovely store & lovely people

"Lovely store and people. I attended the Chakra/crystals 101 class presented by Rosie .....awesome energy and very knowledgeable so glad I went I highly recommend ... oh and after class a gift of chakra stones for attending I thought that was pretty special"
K. Mei August 28, 2022

"Healing! healing! healing! Beautiful shop, amazing stones and books. Marianne and Julia are true teachers and they can show you how to utilize these powers others may call woo/woo. They are truth tellers and great listeners. They offer meditation and yoga classes for $11 each. See my seekers at Serenity in mesa (near the white dove)."
Amy W. August 16, 2022

"I wish I could give more than 5 stars (and I don't say that lightly). Maryann is an absolutely lovely woman and I am so very glad I found her shop - and that it is only minutes from my home. She has welcomed me and my young daughter so kindly every time we have visited, despite my daughter's young age (6 year's old) and insatiable curiosity. Maryann has helped my daughter research and find crystals; she is so patient and loving. Julia, who runs the meditation classes, is equally as wonderful. My daughter and I are trying to make our attendance regular - at my 6 year old's suggestion! I was initially concerned that my daughter's age would be an issue during an adult meditation class, but she was welcomed by Julia and the other students without issue. Julia's grandson is of a similar age and attends sometimes, which is great for my daughter. I have had phenomenal experiences when I've attended classes, even reaching the deepest state of meditation I have found in the last 10 years."
Frances G. August 2, 2022

Frances G.

"Wonderful selection of crystals, rocks and metaphysical supplies. The owner Maryann was so helpful with my shopping experience. Every time I walk into this shop I see something new and incredibly unique. Maryann also offers online shopping and will ship to my house - which is also a cool feature!"