Bill Burt Rocks December 30, 2022

Cool Rocks

"My wife and I walked at the superstition springs mall today because it was raining. Most of the flooring in the common areas of the mall is real stone tile, I remember last year I counted about 2 dozen ammonite fossils in the tile. Yesterday I went into Serenity Rocks in Mesa to show what certain rocks looked like under black light. I used my black light on rubies, sodalite, fluorite, and mango calcite. Even though they cater to the metaphysical crowd they have some cool rocks. "
Brittney H November 18, 2022

2022-11-29 | 23:19:39

"I come here on the regular at least once a week. The large sound bath singing bowl is a must too stay grounded. I also love the protection body spray, white sage spray and empath spray. Can't forget all the different crystals just bought some more today. If your into crystals and etc you will love this place. Brittney"
Amanda C November 14, 2022

Your local metaphysical shop!

"I've been to Serenity Rocks a few times and I love their wide selection of metaphysical items. I've also attended Darshana's classes on tarot and reading start charts, very informative and fun! I really appreciate this local shop and the people who work there. I would highly recommend anybody to check it out! "
Amanda Carswell November 13, 2022

2022-11-29 | 23:19:23

"This is a lovely local metaphysical shop. I've really enjoyed Darshana's classes on tarot and reading start charts, very informative and fun. I would highly recommend checking out this store and attending the events!"
Billie Higgins November 9, 2022

Interior Designer

Adela November 9, 2022


"Super awesome store and amazing astrologer explains it in a fun way and thoroughly goes thru your chart and how it applies to you !!! Recommend Julie and the store has an awesome selection of crystals! "