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Maryann Zambrano

Owner of Serenity-Rocks

Aiding spiritual beings on their human journey to 5D. Protector of the Joy frequency. 30+ years loving and collecting crystals.


her today!

Crystals, Wands, Orgonites, Jewelry, Fairy Gardens, Oracle & Tarot Card Readings, Incense, Sage, Singing bowls, and more!

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Julie Coughlan/Darshana

Intuitive Counselor & Astrologer

My background is working as a RN BSN with a Master’s in Counseling. Integrating Astrology and Mari-El healing for over 25 years. Focusing on the “Morin Method” of Astrology. Specializing in Natal,Solar Return and Relationship
Synastry. I love teaching the unlimited power of the Stars!

Mari-El Healing, Natal/Birth Chart, Relationship Composite Chart, and Tarot Reading

For any questions and requesting appointments with Julie Coughlan/Darshana, please text the follow number:

Check Out My Website!
(303) 882-5601

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Heidi Royter

Yoga Nidra Specialist

Heidi believes in acknowledging and encouraging individuals to see their value and the impact they make each day by showing up for themselves and challenging them to grow and try new things. Heidi works privately with individuals
and with groups.
1st Friday Yoga Nidra

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Breanna Lederer

Meditation Specialist

Bre is a Child of the Universe. She is an open conduit, specializing in activating others’ DNA with light codes from the Angelic Realms by facilitating meditations. She also works with dragon medicine, art, dream work, and more.

Specialty Classes & Meditations

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Roseann Rynezak


“Photography is the art of making memories tangible.” -Destin Sparks

Maternity, Newborn, Family, and more. Retail Support, Informative Classes, Meditations, and Drum Circles.


Updated Oct 2023

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